Oh what fun I have had the last two weeks experimenting with new beads! I received these cultured sea glass beads from ZnetShows. They are a wholesale bead company you and you can find them here http://www.znetshows.com/
They were kind enough to supply me with a test sample of 5 shapes of their sea glass beads.
Z net beads

I loved the fishbone beads so I started there.. I got out some wire and made fish shape, added the beads… but it needed something.. spacers! My friend Susan to the rescue, she had real fish bones and I but them in between the fishbone beads. TADA!!!
Z net necklace

I made the chain to look kind of like a fishing stringer, a little tag Gone Fishing and made the bobber out of polymer clay. I think he is kind of cute. Here is a closeup.
Z net necklace  2

Next was the fun Conch shell shape. I decided I wanted to have them rolling in the ocean waves like the would be found on the beach! I made spiral ear wires and slipped on the shell bead, then wired wrapped a few blue crystals for the ear wire to hold the shell in place. Love how they came out! Z net earrings mini shells

Last but not least we 2 pair of rectangle sea glass that I used as a backdrop for wire squiggles. Because they were white they were very hard to photograph but look great in person hanging on your ears!!!Z net squiggles

I have a few beads left over and I am adding red and white beads to the blue for a 4th of July necklace! I will post that next week.

Thank you ZnetShows for the opportunity, this was fun!


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