The 7th Bead Soup Blog Party Begins!



Is makin’ me wait

Is keeping’ me waitin’

–from ‘Anticipation’ by Carly Simon

It may be the Seventh Annual Bead Soup Blog Hop, but it’s my first one. In fact, I

started this blog as I waited impatiently for a visit from the postman with my box from my

bead soup partner, Nan Emmett .

When it finally arrived—WOW! What a beautiful assortment of ceramic beads from

Nan’s kiln. I was certainly going to have to break out of my box!

This is what Nan had sent to me!

Nan's soup to me

In my box of goodies was a little white partridge. Hmm…. A little bit of copper wire here, some enamel, a couple of beads and VOILA! I am so pleased with result.  I am entering it in a Show at theDouglasville Cultural Arts Center in May.. It is a bird theme show.  I am sure it will be a hit!

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

But, I still have all those other beads!!! The ceramic focal piece and the clasp.  Gotta get back out of my box.  So my first attempt was, well, okay…. My mind was seeing these lovely ceramic beads with fiber.. Jute? Waxed linen?.. Sari Ribbon?.. There were moans and groans at the bead store that day..The Beady girls were “NO NOT FIBER”!!!  I have not been very successful with fiber..  But I tried it anyway.. Knots in waxed lined are hard to get out… and there was a lot of getting out..I guess the Beady Girls Susan and Sandra were right.. But do not tell them…

I’m the girl who plays with wire and metl and fire… So I got out the Vinja Bronze wire and made a bracelet.  I an much better at wire wrapping than playing with fiber..and I used the clasp on the bracelet. Here is a pic.

Bead soup Bracelet

I decided I liked this much better than the fibers.. so… on with the Beads!!!  Next was the Necklace.. I picked out the large focal and 2 of the peach colored flowers,  I really liked the carved green beads and made some copper caps to go on each side of them.Then the wire wrapping began. I used a number of other beads Nan had sent with the soup  to finish the necklace.  I think it came out well and those Beady Girls, Susan and Sandra were quite pleased I did not use fiber… What do you think?

Bead soup necklace

Bead soup necklace

Next was a pair of earrings to match.. Only 2 more weeks and I can wear big girl earrings!  Woot ..Woot..

Bead Soup Earrings

Bead Soup Earrings

I had a great time with my first bead soup!

Here is what I sent to Nan Emmett.. lets go check what she made with what I sent to her..

bead soup

Let me know what you think in the comments. See you next year!

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